Commodity Chemical

Commodity Chemical


Kinetic Chemicals offer wide range of lubricant products including industrial lubricant, marine lubricant, mining lubricant, high performance and specialized lubricants to meet the growing demands modern plant and machinery.

    We supply to various kind of industries including Oil & Gas Platform, Petrochemical Plants, Oil Refineries, Gas Processing Plants, Port Authorities, Power Plants, Automotive Industries, Construction, Rubber Factories, Shipbuilding, Crane User, Offshore Structure & Fabricator, and others.
      The range of Industrial & Marine lubricants are:
                      •Turbine Oil
                      •Air Compressor Lubricant
                      •Industrial Gear Oil
                      •Hydraulic Oil
                      •Bearing Grease
                      •Heat Transfer Oil
                      •Gasoline Engine Oil
                      •Diesel Engine Oil
                     •Marine Engine Oil
                     •Transmission Oil
                     •Compressor Oil
                     •Paper Machine Oil
                     •Metal Working Oil / Coolant
                     •Anti-Seize Compound
                     •Assembly Compound
                     •Drill Rod & Coupling Grease
                     •Long Life Gear Oil
                     •Pneumatic / Rock Drill Oil 
                     •Steam Cylinder Oil
                     •Refrigeration Compressor Oil 
                     •Synthetic Lubricants
                     •Cylinder Oil
                     •White Oil
                     •1Process Oils
                     •Vacuum Pump Oil
                     •Machine Oil
                     •Specialty Greases
                     •Corrosion Preventive Fluids
                     •High Temperature Bearing Greases 
                     •Open Gear Grease
                     •Wire Rope Lubricant
                     •High Temperature Chain OiL
                     •Slideway cum Hydraulic Fluids

        To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a range of Technica Services which include:

        • Lubrication Surveys

        • Oil Analysis

        • Product Recommendation & Development

        • After Sales Services