Industrial Gases

Kinetic Chemicals supplies wide ranges of industrial gases (purified & industrial grade), welding mixtures, medical gases, specialty gases & calibration mixtures especially oil and gas industries.

All of the gases conforming to the international quality standards of British Standard (BS), Compresses Gas Association (CGA), US Federal Specification and US and British Pharmacopeia for medical gases. We offer specialty gases & calibration mixtures relatively simple or complex multi-component mixtures are produced to a high level of accuracy and reliability, which is traceable to NLP standards.

The type of valves fitted to a cylinder will depend upon the components present in the mixture. Cylinders having one or more flammable components will have standard left hand valves conforming to BS. Cylinder sizes are available in ranging from 2L, 5L, 10L, 40L, 47L, 50L to 133L & etc.