Kinetic Chemicals offers true monolithic isolating joint which effectively and efficiently stops short circuits and stray currents from damaging pipelines and equipment.

The areas of applications for MI-Joint are:

  • Existing & New Construction
  • Gas, Oil, Liquid Petrochemical & Water Lines
  • Before & From Gas Distribution Stations
  • Gas or Liquid Fuel Tanks
  • Under or Overground Usage

The benefit and advantage are:

  • No loss of integrity due to thermal expansion or ground stress as is common with flange isolation gasket kits
  • In-factory tested hydrostatically and electrically, to 1 1/2 times their working pressure. Non-destructive testing is also available.
  • Maintenance-free, reliable cathodic isolation of equipment in required isolation applications such as compressor stations
  • No labor intensive, complicated installation procedure required as with isolation gasket kits
  • No inspection pits, vaults or maintenance needed – weld into place and direct bury -reliable, worry-free cathodic isolation
  • Non-conductive epoxy coatings help prevent shorts, both externally and internally
  • Isolates stray currents impressed on the pipe from exterior forces such as electrical transmission systems, earth currents and currents flowing from point to point
  • Excellent bending and torsional resistance
  • Earthquake resistant – Acts as a thrust block or joint

The MI-Joint is manufactured in sizes ranging from 1/2” diameter to 100” diameter with an ANSI rating of 150# to 2500# and up to API 10,000#. All types of carbon and stainless steel are used in the manufacturing.