Production Cosultant

Kinetic Chemicals expertise covers the reservoirs, production processes and engineering. We undertake many aspects of corrosion engineering from internal monitoring, corrosion inhibitor system design to material selection and failure analysis. We can undertake studies in:

  • Inorganic Mineral Scale Technology
  • Organic Solids Deposition (Wax & Asphaltenes)
  • Corrosion Engineering
  • Mercury & Heavy Metal Occurrences
  • Water Treatment, Disposal & Injection Consultancy
  • Onsite & Offsite Operator and/or Field Chemist Training & Laboratory Design
  • Microbiological Treatment Consultancy

Reservoir Response and/or Damage from Chemical Treatment & Chemistry Issues Our ranges of consultancy services are:

  • Production Chemistry
  • Oilfield Fluid Analysis
  • Fiscal Sampling, Analysis & Allocation
  • Oilfield Microbiology
  • Process Chemistry
  • Scale Predictions & Treatments
  • Water Treatment
  • Corrosion Engineering

Environmental Monitoring Our ranges of site services are:

  • Wellsite Analysis Services
  • On-Site Sampling of Oil, Gas & Water
  • Commissioning Services for Analysis Equipment
  • On-Site Optimization of Chemical Treatments
  • Mercury Evaluations
  • NORM and Mineral Scale Analysis
  • Emissions Monitoring